The Power of Storytelling Webinar – Chef Pam Fanjoy

The Power of Storytelling Webinar

Bring your organizations team together to join our author Pam, for an engaging, one hour POWER OF STORYTELLING WEBINAR: For Therapists, Teachers & Leaders.  Pam will share practical tips learned during her 25 years of helping children and families as a clinical social worker and also demonstrate how the use of therapeutic storytelling can be a gateway to safer conversations that build their resiliency during life’s most challenging times.  


We will discuss how COVID is impacting the lives of children and how you can use this book as a tool to open up new conversations with them.   You will learn ways to encourage children to find their courage and discuss some new coping strategies that can help them manage isolation, sadness and worry thoughts. 


Power of Storytelling Webinar costs $225 + HST which will be waived if 20 or more books are ordered for your group.  Maximum attendance to allow for interactive conversation and team building will be 20 participants.